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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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Meet Our Staff





Headship Team

Miss Matthews

Head Teacher

When she was young, Miss Matthews’ brother threw her ball into the sea at Morecambe bay. He promised to get her a new one – she’s still waiting!


Mrs Rolland

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Rolland runs 10km each weekend. She is a keen Arsenal supporter – unfortunately the rest of her family support Spurs...

Office Team





Mrs Hergenhan

Office Manager

Mrs Hergenhan is a whirlwind who runs on Coca Cola and Kit Kats...


Mrs Dansie

Finance Officer

Ms Dansie is a biker chick in her spare time! She rides motorbikes at the weekends and has great fun!


Mrs Cawley

Admin assistant

Mrs Cawley loves Downton  Abbey and visiting National Trust properties with her family (especially ones with nice walks and tea rooms!).

Site Team
Mr Johnson

Site Manager

Mr Johnson is an avid collector of Victorian furniture and restores it in his spare time.


Mr Talks

Computer Technician Mr Talks may be related to Harry Potter ... he can make computers work again, as if by magic!
Pastoral Team



Mrs Cordaro

Parent Support Advisor

School Counsellor

Mrs Cordaro loves to sing karaoke. She especially loves country music…Yee Haw!

Mrs Ahmed


Medical / Welfare Officer - Maternity Leave  Mrs Ahmed loves scarves, and has a collection of thousands! She looks beautiful and never has a bad hair day!
  Mrs Fernandez Medical Mrs Fernandez loves a good musical, Calamity Jane is one of her favourites! 

Mrs Pearson 


Medical  Mrs Pearson is a champion baker.  She makes the best cookies and flapjacks in Enfield, possibly the world! 
Teaching Team

Ms Bennett

Nursery Teacher

Ms. Bennett is the number one fan of tie – dye T-Shirts and makes them with Nursery every year.


Mrs Garner

Nursery Nurse

Mrs Garner loves to shake her sillies out and wiggle her waggles away!


Mrs Fitzgerald

Nursery TA

Mrs Fitzgerald loves to spend time entertaining with friends and family.


Mrs Hempstock

Reception Teacher


Mrs Hempstock is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan! She loves to escape to Scotland and swim in the sea.


Mrs Goates

Reception TA

Mrs Goates is a fashionista - she always looks amazing, and she's beautiful  on the inside too! 


Mrs Egan

Reception Nursery Nurse 

Mrs Egan is the kindest person. she is always looking out for everyone, and she makes a fab cup of tea...


Mrs Awolola

Reception Teacher

Mrs Awolola loves music and teaching Reception!


Mrs Sansford

Reception TA

Mrs Sansford has 2 girls, and has to watch Frozen - a lot! She may know all the words to 'Let it Go'...  


Ms Mayho

Year 1  Teacher

Art leader

Mrs Mayho used to have 3 ducks named Puddles, Pox and Henry.

Mrs Jacavou 


Year 1 Teacher 

KS1 Lead 

  Mrs Shea-Stannard Year 1 TA  Mrs Shea-Stannard loves dancing, coffee, and cake .  Not necessarily in that order...  She always has a smile for everyone!
  Mrs Sewell SEN TA  Mrs Sewell is an invaluable member of our team! She goes above and beyond all the time and cares so much about everyone. 


Mrs Doswell

Year 1 TA  Mrs Doswell is an expert on Harry Potter and all things Disney!  It would not be wise to challenge her to a Disney or Harry Potter 'off', but you may want her on your quiz team...


Mr Morgan

Yr1 Teacher

Mr Morgan is a keen Spurs and Enfield Town FC supporter.

  Mrs Linsell SEN TA Mrs Linsell is the epitome of calm.  We all need a Mrs Linsell.
  Ms Khimasia Year 1 Teacher Miss Khimasia enjoys colouring patterns and exploring different places. She loves eating chocolate - especially toblerones! (I know what I'm getting her for Christmas...)


Ms Jackson

Yr2 TA

Miss Jackson likes tea...lots and lots of tea ... in bucket sized cups!


Mr Hirani

Year 1 Teacher  Mr Hirani is happiest when he's watching Arsenal, at the gym or drinking lattes. Shh! He's a secret Taylor Swift fan...


Mrs Theodoru


Mrs Theodorou has the best laugh and never hesitates to help anyone - child or adult.


Mrs Baker

Yr3 TA

Mrs Baker enjoys playing cricket in the garden with her son.


Miss Griffin

Yr3 Teacher

Miss Griffin likes dancing around to cheesy music and going for Sunday lunch.


Miss O’Brien

Yr3 Teacher

Miss O' Brien is smiley and full of fun! 


Mrs Coles

Yr2/3 TA

Mrs Coles really loves cooking and has a cookbook collection to rival Mary Berry’s!


Mrs Jones

Yr3 TA

Specialist Sports TA/Maths TA

Mrs Jones runs a local Rainbows guiding group after school. That’s serious dedication...

  Mrs Reader SEN TA Mrs Reader is an amazing help. She is compassionate and thoughtful. Year 6 are very lucky! 


Mrs Goddard

Yr4 Teacher

Ms Goddard likes nothing better than putting her family in the car with a canoe on the roof and heading for France…


Mr Smith

Yr4Teacher Mr Smith is a bit of a globetrotter and lived in Australia for a while. He must have missed Spurs, because he came back to London and is now with us!


Mrs Brooks

Yr4 TA

Mrs Brooks loves to keep busy at Church. She enjoys crafts, reading and all kinds of painting, both landscapes and her bathroom.


Mrs Murphy

Yr5 TA

Mrs Murphy Runs 12th Enfield Beavers and ran the Mayor's Fun run, with no training!  


Mrs Hillier

Yr5 Teacher

When she grows up, Mrs Hillier wants to be a dolphin or sea-lion trainer or a parachute instructor.


Mrs Bachelor

Yr5 Teacher

Mrs Bachelor likes walks in the countryside and cycling. You may even spot her cycling to school!


Mr Floyd

Yr5 Teacher

Senior Teacher

Mr Floyd has run three marathons and relaxes by going for a run in the pouring rain, listening to fast music.


Mrs Nugent

Yr6 TA

Mrs Nugent Loves her four children, her dog and chocolate – but not necessarily in that order!


Mr Brown

Yr6 Teacher

Mr Brown is new to our school. He's putting up with us all rather well!  


Miss McGunnigle

Yr6 Teacher

Senior Teacher

Mrs Mcgunnigle is amazing - she took part in a Spartan Race! She is also great at motivating her colleagues... sometimes with cake... and sweets...


Mrs Gilligan

Yr6 TA

Head TA

Mrs Gilligan loves to play netball and go for long walks. She’s also a big fan of lounging on the settee, drinking tea and eating biscuits.


Mrs Russell


Mrs Russell has just got an award for working in the London Borough of Enfield for over 25 years - she's a dedicated and talented lady!


Mrs Leybourne

Year 1 Teacher 

Support/Cover Teacher

 Computing Leader

Mrs Leybourne loves all things vintage, and has far too many teapots, she is also a fan of all things geeky, Star Wars, Superheroes, Harry Potter,  you name it! 


Mrs Davey

Support Teacher

Literacy Leader

Mrs Davey is a die hard Columbo fan. Just one more thing... One of her best presents was the Columbo box set from her children!


Mr Papakyriakou

Music Teacher

Mr Papakyriacou is a keen musician and has played at lots of local venues. Go and see him, he's great!


Mrs Hay

Support Teacher

Mrs Hay is always kind and smiling. She teaches the children that they can acheive things they didn't think they could. 


Mrs Serfontein

Support Teacher

Mrs Serfontein has supported St Michael's children to do their very best over the past few years - we are lucky to have her. 


Mrs Underwood

Support Teacher 

 Pupil Premium Coordinator

Mrs Underwood loves Take That and has been known to spend hours on the phone trying to get tickets for their concerts!


Mrs Rochford - Gardiner

Specialist Speech and LanguageTA

Mrs Gardiner loves everything Italian, especially an espresso.

Play Leaders
Mrs Gordelier Lunchtime supervisor Mrs Gordelier is the gentlest, kindest lady. The children love her. 
  Mrs Taylor Lunchtime supervisor We have been lucky to have Mrs Taylor here with us for a really long time. Her children and grandchildren came to St Michael's! 
  Mrs Sitton Lunchtime supervisor Mrs Sitton is Friendly and kind. she looks out for the children and helps them play. 
  Mrs Del Rocio Perez Martinez  Lunchtime supervisor Mrs Del Rocio Perez Martinez, does a fabulous job! 

Mrs Georgeson

Lunchtime supervisor

Breakfast Club helper

Mrs Georgeson helps out here there and everywhere, we're lucky enough to have her come to us twice a day! 
Catering Staff

Ms Ball

Chef Manager Makes the best Roast Potatoes in the world - according to St Michael's staff, anyway! 

Mrs Benge


Catering staff Is always smiling and happy, with a friendly word for everyone. 

Mrs Andrjauskas


Catering staff Works incredibly hard for us all, and is very kind! 
  Mrs Betts-Hammond On Maternity Leave  Mrs Betts-Hammond is smiley fun and witty, loves cake and Hello Kitty! (And she’s a poet!)
  Miss Malyan  On Maternity Leave