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  • Admissions September 2019

    The Admissions process for the September 2019  Reception and Nursery intake will commence on 1st October 2018, when it will be possible to book a place on one of our visits, which take place in November. Please look at the Admission Arrangements section of our website for more detail.  - Read more...
St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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Top tips

Tip 1: Remember your education is a partnership. Ask your teachers as they will know your strengths and weaknesses, and ask them how you can help yourself .
Tip 2: Look through practice SAT papers and talk through the answers, maybe with an adult at home. Try drawing or acting out answers of difficult concepts.
Tip 3: Don’t forget that the number of marks allocated to each question gives you an idea of how much time to spend on each one.
Tip 4: Getting stuck is not a problem. Move on and if you have time, come back to the hard ones at the end.
Tip 5: Believe in yourselves, “you can do it!”
Tip 6: Remember the tests are important, but that they are not the only way to be measured.
Tip 7: Approach a subject from lots of different angles. Software, games, activities, books, flash cards and practical applications all help make the revision time at home as fun and interactive as possible.
Tip 8: It is easier said than done, BUT do not put yourself under too much pressure. Have fun – you will find things easier to remember if you recall the good times you had learning.
Good Luck!