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Young Voices

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On Monday, Mr Papakyriacou, Mrs Gilligan, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Rolland and over fifty children made their way to the O2 Arena. They spent the afternoon practicing with thousands of children and, in the evening, they took part in the Young Voices musical performance.

If you want to know more about this event, check out their web-site at .

It really is amazing and sure to be an event that the children will remember for a long, long time. As a child said to me. “The feeling in the arena is amazing. It’s like you can almost touch the air.” It was a long day and it was almost 11pm by the time they all got home but, as Mrs Rolland reported, the children were incredible; they were impeccably behaved and polite and totally committed to performing the best that they could.

Thanks to the staff for giving up so much of their own time to make it a night to remember (two of them weren’t even officially working that day!).