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School Closure Procedures



 Emergency School Closure Procedures

As a general rule, we do everything we can to keep the school open during snowy weather conditions. 

Closing: Reasons

On the rare occasion that a decision is made to close the school due to adverse weather/other conditions, this is never a decision that is taken lightly.   When deciding on whether the site and surrounding areas are safe for the school to open, the following factors are taken into account:

Closing: How we will communicate with parents

At the Beginning of the Day: Should it be necessary to close the school; we will always send a text message as soon as a decision is made. In addition to this, information will always be posted on the school’s web-site. It will NOT be necessary to phone the school to see if it is opening. Indeed, phoning the school could delay the sending of the messages for which others are waiting.

Following any significant overnight snowfall, a decision may be made for a delayed start of the school day to allow our site team to ensure the site is safe for children and staff.  The school may also decide to open for certain year groups based on staff/pupil ratios.  Again, should this course of action need to take place, parents will receive a text message and there will be no need to call the school.

During the Day:

Should heavy snow fall during the school day, a decision will be made on whether or not pupils should be dismissed early to allow safe travel home.  Should it become necessary to dismiss pupils before the end of the school day, a text message will always be sent to parents and therefore, there is NO need to call the school.

Children walking home alone will not be dismissed earlier than usual without a message from a parent. In this case, and this case only, it would be appropriate to call the office to either give permission for the child to walk home anyway or name an alternative arrangement.

A text message will always be sent to all parents confirming any reopening of the school. 

The health and safety of our students and staff is paramount when making any decisions. ​