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01 Week beginning 23rd March

Week 1 (wb 23rd March)

Reading: 1) first two chapters of The Twits; 2) make a bookmark (see bottoom of this page for document); 

3) write book reviews of other books you read (use the sheet on the website)

Writing: invent a super-hero and describe them (what they do, what they wear, who their enemy is, what is their weakness, where they live, do they have a ‘normal life’ as a different person?)

Maths: use TT Rockstars every day, complete My Maths tasks

Science: investigate light and show what you find out in your own way (eg a poster - two weeks to do this: ideas….reflection, shadows, how they eye works)

Geography: complete a project on Enfield Local Area (two weeks to do this: ideas… changes in time, stations, library, bus routes, cinema, - maybe draw map!)

RE: write prayer for those treating others in hospitals or at home

PE: look on the website for ways to stay active (eg watch Joe Wicks at 9am in the morning on You Tube)

Work for Week 2 will be posted on the website next weekend.