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03 Week beginning 20th April


Hi there, we hope you all had a good Easter and are keeping safe and washing your hands. Has anyone got any Easter eggs left?  Mine went very quickly.

                                                                    A plate of leftovers and some discarded Easter egg wrappers ...

This week we are changing some of the work that we do. 

To find the Maths we would like you to do, please go to

and look at the Maths for the appropriate day.  We think this fits better with the way we have been doing Maths in School. Enjoy!
Look at the Year 3 project pages for other ideas of what to do and don't forget TT Rock Stars aswell. I think Mrs Jones may be setting up a battle...
You can access some excellent English resources using BBC Bitesize; ask your parents/carers to show you how to access it using this link

Remember that you can use the class email page if you want to let us know anything.