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04. Week beginning 20th April 2020

Hello 2H and 2K!
We hope you've been enjoying doing the Easter activities like the Enfield Marble challenge, the scavenger hunt or making Easter baskets. We would love to see some photos if you took any. Please send them to:

This week we have set some Maths, English and Geography work for you. There are some instructions for you to follow in the home learning schedule file. Remember to keep doing TTRockstars and My Maths.   Grownups remember you do not have to print anything.
Keep safe and here is a little poem for you written by our lovely Mrs Brooks.
The stars of 2K and 2H
School closed today
Woohoo can’t wait
No more lessons
Lots more cake
At home today
We’re on holiday
Can do what I want
Watch telly, yay!
‘Grimbles’ I’m bored
Nothing to do
Played with my toys
Fed up with IPAD too
St Michael’s to the rescue
Phew some maths
Write a story, do my spellings
Colouring, have a laugh
We’ll be back soon
Can’t wait to see my friends
My teachers, my classroom
One family in the end!
Lots of love 
Year 2 xxx