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05 Friday

Today's work has also been added to Google Classroom (it should appear at 8.00 am) so if you have received your login details, please see if you can access them there and leave us a comment...

Please click on green text for weblinks

TT Rockstars - With 3 days to go, 6B are currently just 2 points ahead - what a battle!

Top scorers so far are Deniz, Nathan P and Alex, who have been awarded Miss Matthews stickers, but there are far too many people who haven't scored any points at all.

Epic Reading - You have all been assigned books on Evolution and Antarctica.

Top readers so far have been Blessing, Aleyna, Marina, Nathan M, Leo and Deniz (Miss Matthews stickers for all of you) but again there's too many people who haven't been on at all. Get reading, Year 6!

Maths - Dividing Decimals Powerpoint and worksheets attached. Only try Question 6 if you are feeling confident. We have attached a step-by-step guide on how to solve it. Please mark your own work using the answer sheet below then email it to us (worksheet only). Feel free to email any questions if you are stuck!

Writing - Captain Scott Explanation Please finish, check and edit your writing then email it to us. Remember to include connecting adverbs, relative clauses and subordinating conjunctions. Check the powerpoint to remind you how to structure the text.

1.50 Music Zoom with Mr P Please see email (or Google Classroom) for login details. Remember to look at the weblinks below before the lesson: 

PE - Don't forget you need to do at least 30 minutes to an hour of physical exercise each day. You could create your own circuit training exercises and share them with friends, go for a walk, run or cycle with your family, create a dance routine or take part in Joe Wicks' workout (other online fitness coaches are available)! Have a look here for more ideas: Keeping Active during lockdown

PhilosophyChoose one of the questions from the powerpoint to discuss with your family each week. (See Tuesday for Powerpoint)

Have a great, relaxing weekend!