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05 Week beginning 4th May

Star wars clipart 1 » Clipart Station May the Fourth Be with You!

Hello Year 3!

For this week...

Please do the Maths you would normally be doing: 

Continue with TT Rock Stars and My Maths tasks.  Don't panic if you have some outstanding work; just work through them a few a time.  Also, complete the White Rose lessons -


Your project work will be based around the VE celebrations this Friday.  Look for that on the tab on the left.
In English, we have a slight change for you...

Instead of the English work, we would like you to work on ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl.  You will need to send us this work for marking so please see the instructions at the bottom. 

Many of you will have seen the magnificent performance of the beginning of the book on the St Michael’s website. If you haven’t seen it yet, you do not know what you are missing! Go to the website Home page, then to Children’s Zone, Working from Home, Storytime at St Michael’s and there we are.  I hope that there will soon be another instalment there.

What do you think?
So, we would like you to do a writing task based on the book.
There is a description and a picture of Mr and Mrs Twit’s house and garden on pages 36 - 38 of the book but here it is just in case you did not get a book from school.

Here is a picture of Mr and Mrs Twit’s house and garden. Some house! It looks like a prison. And not a window anywhere.

Image result for Mr Twits house

“Who wants windows?” Mr Twit had said when they were building it. “Who wants every Tom, Dick and Harry peeping in to see what you are doing?” It didn’t occur to Mr Twit that windows were meant mainly for looking out of, not for looking in to.

And what do you think of the ghastly garden?  Mrs Twit was the gardener. She was very good at growing thistles and stinging-nettles.

“I always grow plenty of thistles and plenty of stinging-nettles,” she used to say. They keep out nasty nosey little children.

Near the house you can see Mr Twit’s work-shed.

To one side there is The Big Dead Tree. It never has any leaves on it because it is dead.

And not far from the tree, you can see the monkey cage. There are four monkeys in it. You will hear about them later.


Your English task

Write a description of the garden and house as if you are going into it for the first time. May be you are one of the boys who climb up and are chased by Mr Twit.

You should include:

Who you are

Why you are there

What do you see, hear, touch and smell

How do you feel about it?

What happens?


Here is the writing Must, Should, Could list for your writing.

Writing Must

accurate full stops and capital letters

neat handwriting, with ascenders (eg h), descenders (eg y) and x-height letters (eg c) equal size

adjectives to describe nouns

have a clear structure to match the writing style (eg letter, story or diary)


Writing Should

describe people, places and things that happen

use accurate apostrophes, speech marks, exclamation marks and question marks

use different contractions to extend sentences and add information

write in paragraphs, separated to show different time, event or setting


Writing Could

use a thesaurus to find alternatives to commonly used words


keep a record of words discovered, and use them in their own writing


use similes, metaphors, alliteration to bring their ideas to vivid life for the reader






We want to be able to mark this writing so please send it to us via the Year 3 email address. You can type it if you wish and send it to us as an attachment. If you have handwritten it, you can email a clear photo of it.  If necessary you could post it to the school.

Please let us know by email that you are doing that at:

We would like to have your written work by Monday 11th May.