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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

07 Week commencing 11th May

Hello Year 4!

It has been great getting to see all the work you have been emailing in.  Remember we only expect you to email in your piece of writing each week.  If there are any other videos or photos or work you would like to send us, we would love to see them as well!

This week, we are continuing to read Michael Morpurgo's 'The Butterfly Lion' and move on to chapters 5 and 6. This week would like you think about persuasion and what techniques are used to convince someone to do or buy something. We are going to be taking a trip to the circus! Specifically ‘Cirque de Merlot’ the circus belonging to the Frenchman who has come to take Bertie’s Lion. Create a leaflet for this circus and persuade your audience to come a see the fantastique Price Blanc. In maths, we will continue learning about the wonderful world of decimals! This week, we will be making 1, ordering and comparing decimals.

Your project this week is all about Mummification! This fascinating part of Ancient Egyptian life has arguably put them on the map! Have fun researching and gathering facts about this practice… you could even have a go at mummifying something in your house (please no siblings!!).  

Faith at home

Over the last few weeks, we have loved receiving prayers from you. If you go into the ‘Working from Home’ tab, have a look at ‘Faith at home.’  You can listen to Father Steven and Mrs Betts-Hammond reading bible verses. You could also follow the links on the page and explore collective worship as well as daily prayers. You can send in a prayer you have written or record yourself reading a bible verse that means something to you.

Have a wonderful week year 4! We are hoping to talk with you again to see how you are and what you have been up to!


Lots of Love, The Year 4 team



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