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08 Week beginning 1st June

Hi everyone - we hope half-term was spent relaxing and perhaps enjoying the warm weather outside.
This week we would like you to again use BBC Bitesize to contiue working on your Maths and English. Topics for the week are as follows:








Similies and metaphors

Fronted adverbials

Apostrophes (contractions eg it’s)

Apostrophes (possession eg Paul’s pen)

Using inference to learn more from a text


Fractions (on a line)

Fractions (on a line, above 1)

My Maths and TT Rockstars

Non-unit fractions of an amount (eg What is 3/4 of 100?)

My Maths and TT Rockstars

For your Topic work, we would like you to complete a Project on 'North America' - look out for the separate page giving you all the details you need to find out as much as you can about this diverse and fascinating continent.