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1 - Wb Monday 4th January

We're really sad that we cannot welcome you back to Year 3 after Christmas, but we hope you are able to access these lessons. We will be loading PowerPoint slides onto this page with each slide having an Audio clip so you can hear instructions as well as practice your writing. 

Our topics this week will be:


We will start our new book 'Diary of a Killer Cat', learn when to use the prefixes 'super_' and 'auto_', look at using speech marks and write a Diary Entry. Please also keep working on your ascenders, descenders and x-height letters (see practice sheets at the bottom of this page).

Remember to click on the Audio symbol to listen to the supporting explanations.


This week we will keep practising how to multiply numbers using a reliable written method, breaking numbers down into tens and ones at the start (the 'Grid Method') and work towards using the 'Short Method'.


Our new topic ths term is Plants, and we will not just be learning all about parts of a plant and their roles but also looking around our School to see where we can plant fruit, vegetables and plants... bring on the 'Green Fingers Club'!


We will be studying Monet - his life, style, what helped him develop his style and look at examples of his work before having a go ourselves.


We would like you this week to keep working on your core strength, using the gymnastics moves we learnt last term (front and back support, v-sit, straight and straddle sits, plank, straight jumps, bunny jumps, pencil rolls and travelling on our toes) as well as other skills.

This week (and next) we are asking you to complete a Physical and Mental Health Diary, where you will record what exercise you have completed (eg skipping, cycling, star jumps, jogging on spot, high knees, Just Dance,) and also what you have done to look after your mental health (eg taking time to relax by colouring or reading).

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