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1 Monday

There are a lot of uploads here as they cover 4 different subjects and some may be in several formats. They are grouped together in subjects and begin with the subject name.


All resources for this week are on Google Classroom (audio and subtitle versions of today's Powerpoint is below).

This week, we will be learning more about time:

  • Telling the time to 5- and 1-minute intervals, past and to the hour
  • Understanding a 24-hour clock using am and pm
  • Using digital and analogue clocks
  • Calculating durations of time (the difference between when something starts and finishes)

An end of unit assessment finishes off our week.  This will be available on Google Classroom as an online quiz.  As no printing or preparation is required and it is a test, it will not be live until Friday.

I have attached some fun and helpful videos from BBC Bitesize  here which can be used throughout the week.  There are additional resources (Powerpoints and alternative worksheets) on the left-hand tab, too.


In this morning's live lesson, we are looking at PREPOSITIONS.  Don't panic - it is easier than it sounds. You use them all the time anyway. 


This week's lesson is all about Lent. Lent begins over half term on Ash Wednesday. The day before is Shrove Tuesday or PANCAKE DAY.


This week we will be thinking about Captain Sir Tom Moore. He had a very long life. When he was born, 2 years after the end of the First World War, all photographs and films were in black and white. Today, we see that as a special effect. We would like you to use any medium you want  (drawing, painting, photography, collage, ICT etc.) to make 2 pictures, one in black and white and one in colour. Your subject matter is up to you. You may wish to do a black and white picture of a steam train and a colour one of a Formula 1 car, showing the changes in transport over Captain Tom's life. Or you may want to do something more Monet-style and draw the same view in colour and black and white. Given the current weather you may wish to photograph a snow scene and make a collage of a similar scene in the summer.

There is no upload for this subject.

See how creative you can be. This will cover today and tomorrow's lesson. ENJOY!

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