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1 Monday


This week, we will continue with learning about time to give everyone a chance to feel more confident with it.  There are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, too!

All resources are on Google Classroom, including our live lesson at 11am.


Today's English is a follow up to our work on Prepositions. We will be revising prepositions of time and place and adding prepositions of cause.  Your independent work will be to write about what you did at half term, identifying the prepositions you use.

Don't forget our live lessons at 10am (on Google Classroom).

Science (Whole afternoon)

This is the first lesson in our half term Science topic on Light and Dark.  Before you start the lesson you will need a 'feely bag' made for you by someone else. this is a bag with several mystery items in it. You must not be able to see inside the bag but you can feel around inside it and try to identify the items by touch alone.  There are additional worksheets etc that can either be printed or used as a template for writing your work into your book.   When using the sorting cards, choose set * or ** depending on how ambitious you are feeling.

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