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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

1 Various Project ideas

The latest suggested projects are the new Science egg drop and learning about 'biomes'.


Check out the Science tab. A new 'egg drop' challenge has been added, you should be able to ace this using the knowledge you gained from our parachutes lesson to help you!


Our next R.E. topic is due to be on Sikhism.

We will provide some ideas on what you can do / investigate related to this subject. To start with think of 5 - 10 questions you would like to answer about the Sikhs. E.g. you may wish to ask: Do they believe in one God, many Gods or no Gods?


Biomes: Can be found on the Summer Week 5 tab.

South America Project:

  • PowerPoint presentation / Poster / Model on any of the following:
  • country in South America or a geographical feature of the continent, e.g. the rainforest / the Andes, or a world wonder such as: Iguazu Falls, Argentina / Brazil. ... Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia. ... Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. ... Colca Canyon, Peru. ... Atacama Desert, Chile. ... Amazon River. ... Angel Falls, Venezuela. ... Torres del Paine, Chile. ...

If you are struggling to know how to start, the UK comparison sheet attached at the bottom of this page could be for you.

Other ideas for you to try include:

  • P.E. Try some Brazilian dance moves:

    Or some Brazilian football skills:

  • Art – Why not try and create a tropical collage? 

  • R.E. – Why not find out what the three major religions in South America are and approximately how many people worship each religion?

    Music – Listen to some classic South American music on YouTube. Or if you’re feeling adventurous why not try and build your own instrument.


  1. Geography Comparing South American country with UK (1)