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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

10 Week Commencing 1st June

Hello all,

This week we will read the next chapter of The Butterfly Lion and find out what happens when Bertie goes off to war. In Maths we will be revising the written method for multiplication. In topic we will explore the next two Pillars of Islam; Sawm (fasting) and Zakat (giving to charity). We will also explore a little more about the festival of Ramadan.

A few of you have found it difficult to research using the internet so Miss Griffin has made a video just for you. Make sure you check out Miss Griffin’s video on the Helpful Resources page.

Stay Safe

Miss O'Brien, Mrs Jones & Miss Griffin


English Task Two Video






  1. Activities YR4 Week 10
  2. English Conjunction Word Mat
  3. Project week beginning 1.6.20
  4. Topic Task 2 (Optional) Sawm Venn Diagram
  5. Topic Task 3 (Optional) Zakat Target Sheet
  6. Maths Lesson 1 Questions
  7. Maths Lesson 1 Answers
  8. Maths Lesson 2 Questions
  9. Maths Lesson 2 Answers
  10. Maths Lesson 3 Questions
  11. Maths Lesson 3 Answers
  12. Maths Lesson 4 Questions
  13. Maths Lesson 4 Answers
  14. Maths Lesson 5 Activities
  15. Optional: Maths Lesson 5 Recipe