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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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2 Egg Drop Challenge

Can you protect an egg?


If you drop an egg from a height, the egg will (normally) crack - try it if you have spare eggs (but ask an adult first)!

This is due to a force known as gravity which pulls the egg down towards the ground and then the impact force of the egg hitting the ground.

There are many ways of helping to protect the egg from slowing the fall (by increasing air resistance) to reducing the impact force, (by building a 'cushion' around the egg).

Your task:

Using everyday materials (cardboard, plastic bags, tape, paper, etc) build something to protect your egg from a drop.

To test your device:

  1. Drop the egg whilst standing up - check if it cracked.
  2. If your egg survived, pass it to someone taller than you and ask them to drop it from as high as they can - check if it cracked.
  3. If your egg still survived (and you have access to stairs), go up one floor, check carefully no-one is below (make sure you call out as well as looking), then drop the egg - check if it cracked.

If you wish to record your work there are a couple of possible templates attached at the bottom.

Or you could even do a complete experiment including:

  • Aim - what are you trying to learn?
  • Equipment - What materials are you using?
  • Method - What exactly are you doing?
  • Results - What happened? (You could do this as a table saying if your egg survived a 1m drop, a 2m drop, a 5m drop, etc)
  • Conclusion - What have you learnt - try to include some Scientific vocabularly in a conclusion.

You can send in pictures of your device (perhaps one before and one after the drop) to, please remember to include 'Science' in the email's subject heading. It would also be great to see the work of anyone who has done a full experiment (with aim, equipment, method, results and conclusion). is a website that has hosted this challenge for a number of years, you may wish to have a look at it for some ideas.


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  2. Egg Drop Recording Sheet