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2. Tuesday


We are focusing on a.m. and p.m. today.

All resources are on Google Classroom.


A recording of today's lesson is available on the Classroom and below are today's PP slides, with audio (and without). We're describing a story setting today as well as starting a new set of spellings to work on over time (from the Y3/4 list).

RE and related Artwork (whole afternoon / 2 lessons work)

This half term we will be looking at what happened at Easter and how we remember this today. This week we will be examining 3 days of Holy Week - Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday.  We will be examining how Jesus seemed to be both a king and a servant.  When he came into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday he came in to cheers like a king. On Maundy Thursday, he washed the feet of the Disciples before the last supper, just as a servant would have done in those days, even though the Disciples saw him as their Lord. Finally, on Good Friday, he gave his life for other people.

In the classroom, there is a sign where the RE books live saying 'Our work is a gift to God'. We would like to make sure that the artwork that is the pupil's response to this lesson reflects that sentiment through their attention to detail and their best artistic efforts. 



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