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2. Week beginning 11th January 2021

Hello Year 2!

This is your timetable for this week. We will be having some more zoom lessons and we look forward to seeing you there. There will also be some video links to help you with your learning.

This week we would like you send a photo of your History Research Project and your Magic Biscuit story. 

Zoom sessions this week with Miss Khimasia and Mr Hirani

Tuesday 12th  Wednesday 13th  Thursday 14th Friday 15th 
RE zoom at 2.15

Whole school assembly at 10 am


Mr Hirani's Maths group at 10am

Miss Khimasia's Maths Group at 10 am

  Music with Mr P at 2pm  

Mr Hirani's English Group at 11am

Miss Khimasia's English Group at 11 am

Take care.

Lots of love

Year 2 Team