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3 Wednesday


Today we are looking at the 24-hour clock.

All resources are on Google Classroom.


We have a live lesson on Google Classroom today (10am) and will be planning our Big Write. We know that today not everyone can join our live lesson so there is a recording of the lesson available on the Classroom.

Below are the slides to accompany the lesson, with and without audio.


Today our Song Sack sessions run - on Google Classroom. Session timings are as follows (each lasts 30 minutes):

1:30 - 3FH

2:30 - 3M


Today we are beginning our history topic on The Maya. You will be doing a little bit of research and thinking about what you would like to find out. 

Just a little heads up for the weeks ahead.

  1. In DT we will be designing and making Mayan pyramids so start collecting materials you think you might need to make one. You will be making them individually. Today’s lesson includes finding some pictures of pyramids to start you off.
  2. Next week you will be doing something with chocolate

You will need:

  • hot chocolate powder
  • cocoa powder (hot chocolate without sugar) or very high cocoa content dark chocolate, grated)
  • milk (or milk substitute)
  • ground cinnamon
  • chilli powder.
  • a teaspoon and a tablespoon,
  • pan to boil milk,
  • mug
  • small jug

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