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3 Wednesday


Please see Google Classroom.


Today we will be planning our Big Write, which is describing the Challenge between Pik and Chac (the God of Rain). We also will be reading Rain Player up to when the Challenge begins.

We will have a live lesson at 10am, but as some children are unable to attend this lesson there is also a recording on Google Classroom (recorded and uploaded in advance, not a recording of the lesson itself).


We continue our work on light by looking at reflective materials.  You will need a torch, white card or paper and a selection of materials to test how reflective they are. Those materials are your choice but they could be things like a CD, bubble wrap, a mirror, a window, foil, a plate, cotton wool, yellow card. You will then need to decide which reflective material a school bag company could on a book bag to keep children safe in the dark.


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