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3a. Monday 18th January Resources and register

Before we begin, a riddle!

Answer to Friday's riddle: C.

Riddle: How many months of the year have 28 days?

Find the answer on tomorrow's home learning page. 

Use this page to register and for resources and videos for Monday's lessons.


English: Comprehension

Download the comprehension below. There are answers so you can mark your own work. I have managed to make it stay the right way round this week!

If you finish early, have a look at some of our vocabulary words. You can download them from the bottom of this page.


Lesson 2: multiply a 2 digit by a 1 digit number.


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Remember only choose one challenge to complete

Challenge 1: Go to Miss O’Brien’s Strengthen page and complete the activities. 

Challenge 2: practise the method. Answer the multiplication questions using one of the methods we have practised in class. 

Challenge 3: very tricky! Can you find the missing digits in the mulitplcation problems. There is a help sheet so have read this first before you start. 

Spelling Practice

This week we are learning about ‘gue’ making the /g/ sound. Our words for the week are:

Challenge 1: tongue, catalogue,

Challenge 2: synagogue, plague, league

Challenge 3: rogue, fatigue, intrigue, vague, monologue, dialogue

NEED MORE HELP? Check out the Spelling Strategies download at the bottom of our Helpful Resources Page.


Lessons 1: What is the digestive system and its parts?

Go though the lesson power point. Watch and read all about the digestive system and what parts of our bodies make up the digestive system. Complete the mini tasks and quizzes on the slides.


Challenge 1: label the digestive system using pictures to help.

Challenge 2: using just the key words, label the digestive system.

Challenge 3: compare the digestive systems. Have a look at our digestive system, and the digestive system of another animal. What’s the same? What’s different?

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