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3c. Wednesday 20th January Resources and register

Before we begin, a riddle!
Answer to yesterday's riddle: Your name.
Riddle: When Grant was 8, his brother was half his age. Now, Grant is 14. How old is his brother?
Find the answer on tomorrow's home learning page.
Use this page to register and for resources and videos for Wednesday's lessons.


Exploring (10-20 mins) Planning (20-40mins)

Exploring: You can explore your ideas through acting, drawing or you could even video call a friend and act it with them.

You work for a newspaper and there has been huge interest in your Iron Man story.  Now you hear that it has returned and it has been trapped by a group or farmers.

  • Who told you about it?
  • How are people feeling about this?
  • Do you think that’s the end of the Iron Man?
  • Who do you think is the hero of this story?

Planning: This week we are going to write a newspaper article about return and capture of the Iron Man. You need to come up with ideas for the key features of a newspaper. (If you need a reminder of the features of a newspaper, download the example below)

REMEMBER to plan in words and phrase but not full sentences. You can write your quote in a full sentence as you should record exactly what your eyewitness said.

Download the Instructions and template below.
NEED MORE HELP? Download the template at the bottom of the website.
  • Your first box should have the main Who? What? and Where?
  • Your second box could describe the giant’s return and eating the machinery.
  • The third box could describe the trapping of the giant in the pit.
  • The final box could have questions or ideas about what will happen next.


Lesson 3: multiply a 3 digit by a 1 digit number.

Remember only choose one challenge to complete

Challenge 1: Go to Miss O’Brien’s Strengthen page and complete the activities. 

Challenge 2: practise multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. 

Challenge 3: practice the method and complete the challenge questions. 


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Lessons 2: The parts of the digestive system and they’re functions.

Building the learning from lesson 1. Now you know the parts of the digestive system and where they are… What do they do?

Follow the power point, watching and quizzing where you need to.


Challenge 1: look at the digestive system you labelled in lesson 1. Now annotate (write about it, on it) the functions of each part.

Challenge 2: label the parts of the digestive system- use your work from lesson 1 to help you, and use the knowledge organiser to help you write the function of each part.

Challenge 3: What was the last thing you ate? A carrot, your sandwich…chocolate? Imagine you are that piece of food and you have been eaten! Write a short diary of your journey through each part of the digestive system and what happens to you in each part. Use the Knowledge organiser and the powerpoint to help you write. 

Spelling Practice

This week we are learning about ‘gue’ making the /g/ sound. Our words for the week are:

Challenge 1: tongue, catalogue,

Challenge 2: synagogue, plague, league

Challenge 3: rogue, fatigue, intrigue, vague, monologue, dialogue

NEED MORE HELP? Check out the Spelling Strategies download at the bottom of our Helpful Resources Page.

Zoom (English Explained)

Join us for a live zoom lesson explaining how to use commas for fronted adverbials. You will need a pencil, paper and the word mat for the week. You might also want to look at the Sentence Starter Word Mat below.

Please check your emails for times and login details.
REMEMBER: Login in to the zoom meeting on time and with the correct name.

After the zoom lesson, write some sentences using fronted adverbials and commas. You can write about anything you want. However, you might want to practise writing about the Iron Man ready for your newspaper article tomorrow.

Challenge 1: Use the sentence starters below.

Angrily…,   Meanwhile,…   After the...,     Eventually, …       Unfortunately,…      Luckily,…     Before the… ,

During the … ,     Lastly,…

Challenge 2: Think of your own fronted adverbials to use as sentence starters.

If you can’t make the live zoom watch the video below.


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