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4c. Wednesday 27th January Register and Resources

Before we begin, a riddle!

Answer to yesterday's riddle: If you threw a White stone into the Red Sea, it would become wet. 

Riddle: What has four legs, but can’t walk?

Find the answer on tomorrow's home learning page.

Use this page to register and for resources and videos for Wednesday's lessons.

9:10 Physical Activity
Google Classrooms Challenge:
  The google classrooms link is
On google classrooms there is a physical activity challenge. Have a go and tell us in the comments how well you did.

9:40 English Explore & Plan

Exploring: If you can, find someone to act with either at home or over zoom you could even use your toys to act it out.

You are at the farmers meeting discussing what to do about the Iron Man.

  • Where is it?
  • Who is there? Do you recognise everyone or are some people strangers?
  • What are the people saying?
  • Are they talking calmly or arguing?
  • When does Hogarth explain his idea?
  • How does he convince the farmers (and his Dad) to give it a go?
  • What are the farmer’s doing when they are not talking? Are they listening, mumbling, looking at each other or taking notes?

Planning: This week we are going to write a script based on chapter three.

REMEMBER to plan in words and short phrase but not full sentences.

  1. Character List: Write a list of who will be in the scene. You may need to add to or edit this as you continue planning.
  2. Scene 1: Plan your stage directions of WHEN and WHERE the scene is happening.
  3. Dialogue: Make notes of what the characters are going to say.
  4. Scene 2: Plan your stage directions of WHEN and WHERE the scene is happening.
  5. Dialogue: Make notes of what the characters are going to say.
  6. Scene 3: Plan your stage directions of WHEN and WHERE the scene is happening.
  7. Dialogue: Make notes of what the characters are going to say.

NEED MORE HELP? Have a look at the example plan on the website and try following this outline.

Scene 1: The farmer’s discussing what to do with the Iron Man.

Scene 2: Hogarth taking the Iron Man to the scrap yard.

Scene 3: The Iron Man in the scrap yard.

Extra Challenge: In a film or a TV programme there are always actors who don’t have lines to say. These are called extras. Often, they will be doing something at the beginning of a scene before the main actors start speaking. For example, if the scene is in a coffee shop there will be extras making coffee or sitting at a table drinking coffee. Next time you watch something see if you can spot them and what they are doing. Think about what the extras will be doing in your scene and include it in the stage directions.

10:40 Break

10:50 TT Rockstars

11:00 Maths

WALT: count squares to find the area of a shape. 


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12:00 Lunch

1:00 Free Reading
1:30 Spelling Practice

This week we are learning about ‘que’ making the /k/ sound.

Challenge 1: antique, mosque

Challenge 2: unique, plaque, cheque

Challenge 3: boutique, picturesque, grotesque,

1:45 Break

Class Zoom Maths at 2pm or 3pm


We will be exploring how multiplication can help us find the area of rectilinear shapes. (What is a rectilinear shape?) 

You will need: 

- One piece of 1cm2 squared paper 


-coloured pencil (optional). 

-Your wonder selves! 

History The Impact of the Rainhill Trials.

REMEMBER: The meanings of the words in bold are in the glossary.

Before Rocket won the Rainhill trials, steam locomotives were simple and inefficient, only used for slow goods trains. After the trials, the directors of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway were impressed enough with steam power that they ordered four more locomotives from the Stephenson’s. The L&MR now linked two great towns with a regular service of fast passenger trains. Professional people could travel to another town, transact a full day's business, and return home the same day—an impossibility in the days of coaching. 

Freight was carried too, of course, but for the first time it was the passenger who was more important—and, crucially, more profitable. People saw the chance to make money and in a few short years Britain would be in the grip of 'Railway Mania'. The stage was set for steam to dominate the railways for over a century.

Activity: Write and advert or draw a poster advertising the passenger train. How will you convince people it is safe?

Remember they have never travelled this fast before or seen anything like it. Some people think it’s unnatural.

Record the weather

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