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5c. Wednesday 3rd February Resources

Today we will  have some special guests in our zoom meeting so it will be at the one off time of 1:15pm for everyone. Please check your emails for the link for today's lesson.
The register is now on google classrooms
9:10 Physical Activity 

Do your own physical activity or check out google classrooms for today's 60 second challenge.

9:40 English 

Writing (45mins) and Editing (15 mins)

Write your script based on chapter four of the Iron Man.

REMEMBER: Character names should be in capitals. Stage directions and scene directions (the things the actors do) should be in brackets.


(A car drives up to the hill and stops.  MUM, DAD the LITTLE BOY and the LITTLE GIRL get out. They get out with their picnic basket)

FATHER: (pointing to the hill) What a lovely place for a picnic!

TOP TIP: You do not need inverted commas (speech marks) in a script.

All of you must have a character list and layout your dialogue correctly

e.g. FATHER: What a lovely place for a picnic.

Most of you should have a character list and layout your dialogue correctly. You should also include stage directions describing the scene and what the characters are doing.

e.g. FATHER: (pointing to the hill) What a lovely place for a picnic!

Some of you could use all the features we have learnt about as well as writing for a specific genre. What genre is your play/film. Horror? Adventure? Romance? Comedy? What events and details will you focus on? How will you change your content, writing and word choices to achieve that genre?

NEED MORE HELP: Watch the video on this website to remind you how to layout a script.

Edit your work.

  • Have you laid out your script correctly?
  • Are character names in capital letters?
  • Are the things the actors do in brackets ()?

All of you must check for full stops, capital letters and the spellings from your spelling list.

Most of you should check for all the punctuation you know so far (such as commas and exclamation marks) and look out for spelling rules such as change the ‘y’ to ‘i’ and add -es.

Some of could think about your choice of vocabulary improve your choices.

NEED MORE HELP? Check out the How to Edit Your Work download on our Helpful Resources Page.

You will need to upload your English work onto google classrooms.
10:40 Break

10:50 TT Rockstars

11:00 Maths: Days, months and years 


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12:00 Lunch

1:00 Free Reading
1:30 Spelling Practice

This week we are learning about words with the /ɪ/ sound spelt y elsewhere than at the end of words e.g. myth.

Challenge 1: myth, gym, pyramid, mystery

Challenge 2: synagogue, typical, physical, system, symbol

Challenge 3: hymn, Egypt, cyclone, idyllic, dynasty, lyric

1:45 Break

Year group Zoom @ 1:15pm

Please check your emails for a new link.


Create a food chain

Follow the Power point to revise Food chains and to give you ideas on how you could present your favourite food chain. If you can, email us a pictures that we can use for our Science Gallery. 


3:00 Record the weather