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5d. Thursday 4th February Resources

The register is now on google classrooms
9:10 Physical Activity 

Do your own physical activity or check out google classrooms for today's 60 second challenge.

9:40 English 

Comprehension Download the one of the comprehensions below. There are answers so you can mark your own work. 

REMEMBER: Use the text to answer the questions.

10:40 Break

10:50 TT Rockstars

11:00 Maths: Time- Practise reading an Analogue Clock this is a very useful website with a interactive clock. Spend this Maths time practising reading an analogue clock as we can sometimes become a bit rusty. Below, are two powerpoints revisiting telling the time past and to the hour. 

ALL: revisit telling the time on an analogue clock by going through the 2 powerpoints on past and to. Ask an adult to test you telling the time on an analogue clock. 

Choose from a range of the activities below, you can complete more than one if you have time (ha-ha!).

Parents/Carers: If you can, at random points over the next few days, ask your child to tell you the time. 

Challenge 1: Use the interactive clock to practise reading the time. TOP TIP: When reading an analogue clock, you say the minutes --past/to--hour. The clock in the picture above is telling me the time it 22 minutes past 1. practise telling the time. If you click the dice, the clock will show you a random time and you can say what time it is: minutes --- past/to---- hour choose the correct time (you can pick a level to start). more telling the time practise. 

Challenge 2: 

a) Analogue Bingo- find the cards and the board below. Match the Analogue time to its written form. 

b) Look at the worksheet and tell the time to the hour. You do not need to print these sheets, you can draw the clocks on a separate piece of paper. 

Challenge 3: Nrich Investigations:

a) Clocks:

b) Wonky watches:

c) Watch the clock:

d) Complete the Power Maths Deepening activities  

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Free Reading

1:30 Spelling Practice

Practise your own spellings. You could try this website . Thanks to Sophie for the suggestion.

1:45 Break

2:00 Science

So comes the end of another fantastic Science module! You have created some brilliant pieces of work that show your learning! To round up all your learning and before you complete a quiz tomorrow, take some time this afternoon to create something to show off all the concepts you have learnt. 

Have a look at through the Powerpoint for some ideas on how you could present your ideas. If you can, send us a picture for the Science Gallery. 

3:00 Record the weather