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6 - Wb Monday 8th February

Hello and welcome to the last week of this half term. Where has it all gone?  I am starting to notice the evenings getting longer.
We have tried to simplify this part of the website this week. You can go from this 'home page' for the week to another page for each day and put all of the lessons and information for that day on that page. Hopefully you will be able to see what each day holds at a glance without navigating from page to page. 
This week the 2 items of work to submit are the Maths quiz on Friday (that will go live on Friday on Google Classrooms) and the poetry reading also on Friday. We would like you to video your reading and send it in, please.   Any other work you send us will be looked at but will not be marked and is unlikely to be commented on. 
Our singing lessons continue on Wednesday afternoons with 30 minute Zoom lessons for Song Sack. Remember to check in with your class.
We are also carrying on live English and Maths lessons on Monday morning.   Please log in to your CLASS GROUP for English but your MATHS GROUP for Maths.
Monday     Tuesday      Wednesday Thursday   Friday 

 Live Lesson English 10:00 

 English  English

Zoom Y3 Music Assembly 10:00 - 10.45 with Mr P.

 English - reading comp
 Live lesson Maths 11:00   Maths  Maths


 RE  Topic  Song Sack Zoom - 1.30 or 2.30 (30 mins per class)    Maths PE
 Art  Art



 Current Affairs





      Zoom Y3 Assembly 3.30pm

Drop in Zoom Support Session      2-3pm 

Drop in Zoom Support Session     2-3pm 

Drop in Zoom Support Session               3-4pm 

Drop in Zoom Support Session    2-3pm  
Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise Exercise
TT Rock Stars TT Rock Stars TT Rock Stars TT Rock Stars TT Rock Stars







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