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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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About the School Councils

We greatly value your Voice at St Michael's and as a result we have three separate councils where you (and your class) are represented: School; Health and Environmental.

 At the start of each year you ( if you are in yrs 2 - 6) will elect members for each Council and every class has an 'Ideas Sheet' where you can contribute to each Council's fortnightly agenda. Meetings are organised by Year 6 pupils and they also take the notes. Once each week we will discuss in an assembly what was spoken about at each council's most recent meeting and our Governing Body also receive copies of meeting notes.

 In December 2019 Mr Floyd asked each class a few questions to find out what you thought about our councils, and if they were representing you as well as we'd hope. The results are below, but overall it was great to see that you are (nearly!) all aware of who your councillors are and what each Council does.

 A summary of each Council's role is below, and notes from each council's recent meetings is at the bottom of this page:

 School Council (yrs 3 - 6)

- playtimes and routines

- road safety and parking near School

- quality of school trips & suggest visitors to the School

- use of school space and how we can make things better (eg outdoor classrooms)

- how could we help others outside school (eg Toilet Twinning)

- how we can make life better at St Michael’s


Health Council (yrs 2 - 6)

- mental health support (eg Time to Talk)

- outdoor equipment & playgrounds (do we want to add more designs to the back playground?)

- school & packed lunches (making them healthier)

- PE equipment & lessons (is there enough?)

- after-school clubs

- how St Michael’s children can get healthier (should we have displays about drinking water and sleep?)


Environmental Council (yrs 2 - 6)

- composting and recycling around School

- ways to reduce waste in School (eg paper, water and heat)

- planting flowers, trees and shrubs around School

- check progress of year-group environmental projects (eg recycling pens in Y1)

- how we can support projects around Enfield

- how can we reduce plastic use at School, at home and locally

  1. School Environmental Council Minutes 1-5 Oct-Jan 2019-20
  2. School Health Council Minutes 1-3 Jan-Feb 2020
  3. School Health Council Minutes 1-5 Oct-Nov 2019
  4. School Council Minutes 4-8 Nov-March 2019-2020
  5. School Council Minutes 1-3 Oct-Nov 2019
  6. School Council Minutes 15-18 June-July 2019
  7. School Council Minutes 12-14 March-May 2019
  8. School Council Minutes 6-11 Dec-Feb 2018-2019
  9. School Council Minutes 1-5 Sept-Nov 2018