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Additional Fundraising

There are so many ways that you can raise additional funds for our school that won’t cost you a penny. Please read on and see how you can help:

Matched Funding

Matched funding could raise thousands of pounds for our school. It's offered by a number of companies such as banks and building societies to staff who volunteer to raise funds for a registered charity. St Michael’s PTA is one!

Please, please check with your HR department at work. We can help facilitate the process and make it easy; by completing forms and providing appropriate evidence. Companies such as Barclays allow funds to be matched up to £750 which can have then make a huge difference to the funds to be able to spend on the children at St Michael’s School. Do you know if who you work for can help? See the list of companies below before you ignore this easy way of raising money for your children's benefit.

Some examples of companies known to offer matched funding to employees are Abbey, Alliance & Leicester, American Express, AXA, BAA, Bank of England, Barclays, BOC Group, Boots, BP, British Gas, Cable & Wireless, Carlsberg Tetley, Citibank, Co-operative Bank, Cornhill Insurance, DHL, Dixons, Ernst & Young, Experian, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Goldman Sachs, HBOS, IBM, JPMorgan & Co, Kelloggs, KPMG, Lloyds TSB, M&S, Microsoft, N Power, National Grid, Norwich Union, O2, Pfizer, PWC, RBS Group, Reuters, Royal London, Sainsburys, Siemens, Sky Broadcasting, Tesco, Thames Water, UBS, Unilever, United Utilities, Vodafone, W H Smith, Woolwich, Yorkshire Bank and there are plenty of others so please ask your HR department.

Easy Fundraising

Another was to help us, at no charge to you, is to register with easyfundraising and online purchases you make will raise funds for the PTA.

Click on this link PTA-UK - Easyfundraising which will provide you with more detailed information.

Once you’re ready to proceed, click on the tab “support your PTA” and search for “St Michael’s School PTA – Enfield”


If you’re looking for nametags for your child’s uniform then consider this online company. My Nametags. They supply iron on or stick on labels for uniforms and equipment. By providing our unique code “33585” during the order process, the PTA will receive 20% or your order value at no additional cost to yourself.

Give as You Earn

We are very lucky to have some parents who make a regular donation tot eh PTA through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) “Give as You Earn” scheme. This is a payroll giving scheme which allows people to make a donation from their pre-tax salary, meaning that part of their donation comes from money that would have otherwise gone to HMRC.

For further details please visit the CAF Give As You Earn pages.

St Michaels’ My Donate Page

If you’re thinking of running a marathon or doing any kind of event for charity, there couldn’t be a more worthy cause than enhancing the education of your children. All sponsored events at the school use this online page to collect donations, but there’s nothing to stop parents using this vehicle too to raise much needed funds for the school.

St Michael's PTA my Donate Fundraising page