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Art at Our School: Cultivating Well-Rounded, Empathetic Learners

At St Michael's, the arts play a vital role in nurturing well-rounded, empathetic, and confident individuals. Through artistic expression, we encourage the sharing of diverse ideas and experiences.

At St Michael's, our goal in Art education is to help children:

  1. Explore Emotions: Express their ideas and emotions through various artistic mediums.
  2. Learn Techniques: Practice different 2D and 3D techniques, mastering them over time.
  3. Discover Art History: Familiarise themselves with different art styles and historical artists, especially those from the regions and eras they study in other subjects.
  4. Inspire Creativity: Utilise their knowledge of art and artists to inspire their own creative work.
  5. Understand Influence: Recognise how artists influence the environment, such as architects and designers, and how art aids in interpreting history.

In addition to our dedicated Art curriculum, which aligns with the National Curriculum, we integrate artistic activities into subjects like History, Geography, English, and Religious Education. For instance, we have explored themes such as 'refugees' through art, encouraging students to create while accommodating diverse perspectives and experiences. This process teaches them the value of embracing the new and unexpected, resulting in beautiful and meaningful artwork.