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“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton

 Participation in the Arts contributes greatly towards our pupils becoming well-rounded, empathetic and confident individuals.  Socially, the Arts are a way of bringing our school family (pupils, parents, staff, church and the local community) together to share ideas and experiences even though we may see the world in radically different ways. 

We recognise and encourage the arts both within and across the curriculum because we believe that they give children the tools to make sense of the world as well  communicate ideas and emotions. Indeed, exploring ideas and emotions through art has a recognisable and positive impact on children's mental and emotional health.

In addition to the discrete and specific Art curriculum (based on the National Curriculum), schemes of work for  History, Geography, English and RE all include explicit ways in which the arts can enhance learning. For example, the theme of ‘refugees’ was explored through the experience of trying to create a painting whilst needing to accommodate more and more people bringing in different colours and experiences. The experience of adapting and embracing the new and the unexpected yet still being able to produce a beautiful piece of work was a real 'growing' experience.

At St Michaels’ our aim in Art is to encourage the children to

  • Explore their ideas, emotions and experiences through a range of media
  • Learn and practice different techniques 2D and 3D techniques and master some of them
  • Learn about a range of art styles and artists through history, particularly from the people and places they study in other subjects
  • Use their knowledge of art and artists to inspire their own work.
  • Know how artists inspire the created environment ( eg architects, designers) and how art can help us to interpret history. 

The curriculum we use is led by the National Curriculum

For skills progression in art, please see below.

To see how art fits in with the wider curriculum, please clip on the Curriculum Maps tab to the left