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Art and Design Technology


As you know, the 5 Olympic rings represent 5 regions of the  world - Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.   For this activity, start by drawing the 5 rings in the correct colours. Maybe you should use something to draw around.   Then pick something that you feel represents each area of the world and draw or paint each one inside one of the rings.  So you will end up with a set of Olympic Rings with a drawing or painting inside each one.  It is your choice which ring you use for which area. Please send us a picture of what you create. Remember this is an Art activity, so please do not rush what you do.

I might choose a theme of animals and put a kangaroo in the Oceania ring and then choose a panda, a lion, a fox and a grizzly bear for Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.  You can see an example in the Art attachment below.



Design and Technology 

DT is about designing something to  fulfil a need.

Well, now I need a set of Olympic rings to put on my shelf so I can look at it every day when the Olympics should have been on.  They need to stand up on their own and be the right colours. 

So, you need to choose what you are going to make them  from.  I asked my family and they had some very strange ideas.  They said  "bagels",  "cut up water bottles", "playdough", "cardboard from cereal packets",  "wool and wire".  Then I asked them how to fix them together and make them stand up.  They got bored then and walked away!  So your task is to make me a set. There are some more instructions in the Design and Technology attachment below.