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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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Assessment Framework

Developing Our Own Assessment Framework

Over the course of last year, we wanted to check for ourselves the impact of Curriculum 2014. We knew it would be hard for us to do this using a  completely different measuring system (for example, how does a kilo of apples compare to a ball of string?).

So, we hatched a cunning plan ... 

Last year we used a new assessment system, based on the new curriculum, for maths – whilst, at the same time keeping records on a sample of children according to the old levels.  This gave us an idea of if, how or how much the new curriculum raised the rate of children’s progress. From September 2015 we will continue with the new assessment.

Last year, with English, we did the opposite! Although we taught according to the new curriculum, we  assessed according to the old levels whilst trialling a new assessment system. The idea behind this was to show us if the new curriculum did indeed speed up children’s progress. Of course, as with maths, we assessed a sample of children against the new expectations. From September 2015, we will be assessing using the new assessment system.

Of course, the main purpose of assessment is to guide the teachers in their planning of the next steps for learning – this did not and will not change. Children will continued to receive work that was tailored to their needs and abilities. 


From now on, when reporting to parents, teachers will use the new curriculum to tell parents how well their child is doing against national expectations for their age.



A Year 4 child doing better than most children nationally might be said to:

·         be exceeding  expectations for Year Four

·         Year Four: Exceeding


A Year Four child working at the lower end of the Year Four curriculum might be said to:

·         Be emerging into the Year Four expections

·         Year Four: emerging