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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

Seek Joy in Service

Catch Up With Old Friends...

Sometimes people have to leave us, but they're not forgotten ... and they don't forget us!
News from old friends is always welcome.  


We all love to hear news of families and teachers that have moved on.  If you move on from St Michael's, sent us a little note occasionally, and maybe a photo and we will post it here so that everyone knows how you are doing. As the Vicar is always telling us 'Once St. Michael's, always St. Michael's!'

Miss Jones is back home in New Zealand, and has been keeping in touch by postcard since she has been gone. She now has 2 children, and we send her lots of good wishes!  

Miss Littlefair is back from Hong Kong and by all accounts had a wonderful time.  She is teaching back in the UK and is now a married lady and a mummy!

Mrs Brands has settled in to her new school, she is keeping in touch and we send her our love. 

Miss Brown is still travelling whenever she can, she still loves the sun and has spent some time in Australia!

Mr Hordle is still enjoying retirement and he regularly meets up with Mrs Smith (and Mr Smith) as well as Mr Pavey's wife ... now we really are going back in time!  Mr Hordle also comes back here as a volunteer, he obviously couldn't stay away!  

The Gibson Family are still in Uganda. Ruby is looking very grown up! Their newsletters are available here