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Child Care


Club St Michael's is a privately run extended school service provider. You can contact them by emailing 

After School Clubs operate after the official school day has finished. Children can remain in the school until parents can collect them, usually on their way home from work.

Club St Michael's Guarantee:

  • Staff ratios aligned to government requirements

  • We comply with all Ofsted requirements and regulations to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children.  

  • Fully trained local engaging staff with the right attitude

  • Broad range of fun activities that cater for all ages

  • Full support and constant quality control from within our total network

  • Smooth running of the business elements of the service. (Accounting, administration, communication, reporting, compliance).

What parents need to know

The all important staff to pupil ratio

The numbers of our staff and the qualifications that they hold are as dictated by Ofsted. Based upon years of hands-on experience of the unique challenges presented by the before and after school environment, Club St Michael's recognises the need to supplement these requirements with extensive training for ALL staff, in areas including (but not limited to) Child Protection, Behaviour Management, Risk Assessment and Paediatric First Aid.

Planned activities

After a hard day at school it is important that children are able to relax and unwind in a safe and familiar environment, but without planning and structure this can soon lead to boredom. To prevent this we supplement periods of relaxation and free play with planned activities every day, based upon weekly themes. 

Homework at Club St Michael's?

We designate a specific time for this activity to occur. This is particularly important, as it allows children to focus on homework tasks in a supervised environment. If a child has no homework, or finishes prior to the time allowed, they will be able to choose a suitable activity to carry on with.

How is children’s behaviour managed?

Club St Michael's behaviour management procedures are in line with school policy.

We ensure our environment is a safe happy place for everyone. We maintain an emphasis on being polite, considerate and cooperative, respecting each other and the property/equipment on-site.

Children will be encouraged to take responsibility for their behaviour through offering them choices and implementing logical and natural consequences, including involvement of parents (if necessary). If we experience behavioural problems with a child, we will contact the parent for discussion.

What are our fees?

Club St Michael's is registered with Ofsted, so you can use childcare vouchers (please check that the scheme you are part of is one in which we are participating) and claim Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit if you qualify. 

What paperwork do I need to complete? 

For every child who attends Club St Michael's, we will need you to complete and sign a separate Enrolment Form. 

What are our operating hours? 

Most of our services are open until 6pm daily, and children must be collected by closing time.

Can I send a friend/relative along to pick up my child?

Names of persons authorised to collect your child from the service should be advised in writing to the Club St Michael's team. 

Do you provide food and drink for the children?

We aim to provide nutritious food, snacks and drinks to children in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage positive food habits. The weekly menu will be displayed at the service, and we welcome suggestions from both children and parents. Occasionally, special foods or treats may be served as part of cooking experiences, special events or celebrations. If your child has any special requirements, please discuss them with Club St Michael's staff. 

What if my child has medical conditions or requirements?

At the time of enrolment, parents/guardians must advise the Club St Michael's manager of any existing medical conditions such as allergies, anaphylaxis, diabetes or asthma. You will also need to indicate if there is any medication (either prescription or homeopathic) to be administered to your child during any session of care.

You will need to discuss the specifics with Club St Michael's staff. In some instances, Medical Management Plans, Risk Management and Minimisation Plans or equipment and other resources may need to be provided before your child can attend the service.

You will also need to supply all prescription medication in its original bottle with your child’s name, appropriate dosage, frequency, date of dispensing and use-by date.

My child has additional needs. How is this handled?

If your child has a disability or additional need, please arrange a time to discuss it with the Club St Michael's Manager prior to enrolment, to ensure appropriate care can be provided.

Detailed information about your child’s requirements and specific behaviour or medical management information must be provided to the Club St Michael's Manager when submitting the enrolment form.