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Children's Charter

Every two years, we gather together to re-write our Children's Charter.  We spend time thinking about how we want our school to be.

Through cross age discussion groups, every single child and adult in the school is involved in creating the vision. After we decide what we want, then we have to work out how each one of us can be involved in creating the school that we want.

Seek Joy in Service

How do we want our school to be?

  • A Christian School where the children and the adults treat people like Jesus would want them to.
  • A Christian School where children are cared for and taught to become responsible adults.
  • A welcoming school where new children and visitors can feel they belong.
  • A place where we can all be friends.
  • A place where people are helpful and kind.
  • A place where everyone works towards high standards.
  • A place where all the staff help each child to achieve their very best.
  • A clean, tidy and organised environment that will help us to learn.

What do we need to do to make sure our school is the place we want it to be?

  • We need to remember the stories Jesus told and learn from them
  • We need to remember that children and grown-ups make mistakes but can still learn from them. Even when we make mistakes, we can be forgiven and, if we can, we should take responsibility to put things right.
  • Everybody can take responsibility for welcoming new people.
  • We will try to treat others as we would like to be treated. We will be respectful to everyone, even those we find it hard to get on with.
  • We will look for opportunities to be kind and helpful.
  • We will work hard in everything we do and will behave in a way that allows others to work hard as well.
  • We will treat our school environment with respect by keeping it tidy, looking after books and equipment and respecting the plants and animals.