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Collective Worship & RE

Collective Worship

At St Michael's, we gather every day for a special time of worship. It's a time when all of us, both students and teachers, come together to learn and reflect. Our collective worship is distinctly Christian in nature but there is freedom within both prayer and reflection times to worship in other ways. Twice a week, the whole school comes together (with Monday assemblies usually led by a senior teacher and Friday assemblies led by Father Stephen). We also have a key stage specific assembly and a weekly musical praise assembly. Additionally, there is a time for prayer and reflection before lunch and at the end of the school day.

Our Worship Policy follows the guidelines of the Education Acts of 1944 and 1988, and it aligns with the tenets of the Church of England as stated in our trust deed.

Religious Education (RE) lessons

At St Michaels's Primary School, we cherish the opportunity in Religious Education (RE) to learn about Christianity and different faiths, values, and beliefs. We aim to nurture young minds, fostering respect, critical thinking, and the qualities that shape tomorrow's leaders.

Exploring World Faiths:

  • At St. Michael's Primary School, we dedicate time to understanding different world faiths through our weekly RE lessons. Each year, students will spend one unit focused on a different faith.

Discovering Similarities and Differences:

  • While our school's worship is rooted in Christian traditions, we prioritise uncovering commonalities and distinctions amongst various world religions. Our RE program enlightens children about how religious beliefs influence attitudes, ethics, morals, and lifestyles in the UK and globally.

Philosophical thinking:

  • Our RE lessons go beyond memorisation, fostering philosophical thinking. Students learn to question, debate, and respect diverse viewpoints, developing the ability to formulate their own opinions.

Personal Reflection and Application:

  • As children grow, they're encouraged to apply learnt concepts to their own lives and experiences, with some topics naturally lending themselves to personal reflection.

Students' Perspective:

  • Students enjoy RE because they're treated like "grown-ups" and have the freedom to form their own opinions. Our school's vision centres on being a force for positive change, with values like tolerance, respect, love, self-forgiveness, and forgiveness of others, instilling a strong desire to work for the greater good of our community.