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St Michael's C.E. Primary School

St Michael's C.E. Primary School

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"Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all."

John F. Kennedy

 The Computing curriculum, previously known as ICT, has changed over the last year or two. At St Michael's we have been lucky enough to use Switched on Computing and its predecessor Switched on ICT,  which are excellent resources and have helped us get ready for the new curriculum. 

The new curriculum puts a focus on computing as a science and asks the children to create and manipulate rather than simply using programs. 

We are going to continue to use these resources along with mobile devices which we are in the process of introducing  to make the changes to the curriculum even more  exciting and fun.

Perhaps one of our children will be the Bill Gates of the future! 

Click below to see a PowerPoint about the new curriculum and a video of the Plum Crumble algorithm written by a previous Year 1 class.

Surprised to find that an algorithm can be as simple as a recipe? Children learn that coding is all about giving the computer clear instructions. 

Coding is fun! Have a try yourself with hour of code... click here  for the link!


Children use editing software to make some of their own videos.  Please see the example, below.

As part of our curriculum, the children also study e-safety. take a look at Year 5P's website here

E-safety advice is available throughout our website, please search for all options. 

Further links and ideas are available in our children's zone and/or follow the tab to the left of this page.

  1. Introduction to Computing - Parents
  2. Switched on Computing overview