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Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all."

F. Kennedy

At St Michael’s, our computing curriculum benefits from content that both systematically covers the program of  studies, and provides flexibility for teachers to provide opportunities for cross-curricular links wherever possible. Computing units are taught in the ICT suite or as 'unplugged' lessons in class.  Ipads are available for both Computing and for use linked to other subjects
Switched on Computing includes six flexible units for each year group covering:
  • Programming
  • Computational thinking
  • Creativity
  • Computer networks
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Online safety
Objectives are repeated and built  year-on-year, enabling children to extend their understanding of the topic as they progress through the school. 
We are also lucky enough to have yearly visits from Luke Brent-Savage, an Online Safety specialist who is used by several London Boroughs as their Online Safety consultant, . He is also an ambassador for CEOP. (ECP) Each Year, Luke works with children, parents and teachers to bring up issues of how to keep safe online. 
Our intention is for children to develop a good understanding of the world around them and the part that technology and the Internet plays in it, linking with the responsibilities that we all share to create and engage in a digital world that reflects our values as leaders of tomorrow. 
E-safety advice is available throughout our website, please search for all options. 

Further links and ideas are available in our children's zone/ Parent's Area and/or follow the tab to the left of this page.