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As I am sure you all know, this has been an important week for the people of the United States of America. We have had the INAUGURATION of President Jo Biden as President Trump stopped being President. 
Kamala Harris is also the first woman to become Vice President of the USA.
We think this a very historic moment and may be something you want to remember later in your life. 
I remember  (as a very little girl!) my dad getting me out of bed at night to watch the first man landing on the moon and I also remember Britain's first Woman Prime Minister.
To help you remember this week's events, we would like you to watch today's Newsround.  There are also links to other Newsround articles about this time on the Newsround pages and a quiz about the week's events. 
Find some that are interesting  to you and see what new things you can find out and amaze each other with.



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