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Hello everyone. 
At last, the weekend is on the horizon. Just think, last week we could play in the snow. I wonder what this weekend will bring us. 
To round off the week, watch Newsround. I could only find out what was on there this morning. This is what I found most interesting.
The big news today is another new vaccine that looks as if it is going to be effective but I was particularly interested in 'Haggis in Space', blue lightning and the biggest dinosaur ever discovered.
I also found a clip about living in the far North of Finland in a place where, for 2 months in the winter, there is no daylight. It is on the Newsround website, under the day's Newsround. Have a look and see what you think. If there are 2 months of no daylight in the winter, what do you think happens in the summer?

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