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Curriculum Maps

At St. Michael's we have what we like to call a connected curriculum. This means that all the different areas of the National Curriculum are taught but, wherever sensible, they are linked to other areas of the curriculum or to our values or to our vision 'Leaders for Tomorrow'.

A  'connected curriculum'  is different to what many people will remember as a 'cross-curricular' curriculum.  where everything is linked to everything else. This often resulted in the curriculum being watered down in order to make everything fit. 

With our connected curriculum, we build up skills and knowledge in the different subjects and try to link them to real life and things that the children  already know about  (for example, about their local area, society, different subjects, faith and values). In a way, its kind of like anchoring the curriculum subjects in a place that children can understand and apply them.

Our Curriculum Maps help to anchor knowledge and skills by bringing the different aspects of learning together.  It opens in PDF format. Please be patient as it takes a little time to load due to the volume of information it contains! 

You can also find information therein about the Reading, Spelling and Phonics schemes we use.