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At St Michael's, our curriculum is designed with a clear intent: to empower our students with essential skills and to inspire them with a love of literature.

At the heart of our educational approach is the development of listening, speaking, and reasoning skills, which form the bedrock of literacy. We're particularly passionate about expanding our students' vocabulary, recognising the pivotal role it plays in effective communication.

To ensure our children have a strong foundation in reading, we employ a regular and systematic approach to phonics education, providing them with the fundamental building blocks of literacy. With these foundational skills in place, we immerse our students in a rich tapestry of stories and books, sparking an excitement and anticipation for literature that will last a lifetime. 

English lessons at St Michael's seamlessly integrate with other subjects like History, Geography, and Religious Education. We explore a diverse selection of texts and characters, enhancing our writing skills to make learning both varied and fascinating for our children. Our curriculum encompasses a wide array of text types, including narratives, diaries, persuasive speeches, balanced arguments, information reports, poems, and more, ensuring that our students develop a versatile range of writing skills.

Moreover, we encourage our students to participate in a wide range of reading, writing, and speaking competitions with other schools, building their confidence and skills. We are also proud to host visits from well-known writers who inspire and motivate our budding authors.