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Hello! There are 2 parts to your English this week


First of all, I would like you to write a poem. To fit in with ourtopicof Japan it  is a style of Japanese poetry called Haiku. Haikus are very short. They are 3 lines long and made up of 17 syllables.

Line 1 has 5 syllables    Line 2 has 7 syllables   Line 3 has 5 syllables 


Just to remind you, a syllable is a beat in a word.  You can clap along to the beats.

So ‘Japan’ has 2 syllables in it       Ja-pan. So does ‘English’   En-glish.     But ‘holiday’ has 3 syllables ho-li-day.

The subject of your haiku will be Midsummer.  Saturday was the day with the longest day and shortest night.  In Enfield we had 16 hours 40 minutes of daylight and 7 hours 20 minutes of night time.

Here is a haiku I wrote about Mr Floyd. I have coloured in each syllable so you can see how it works.

Oh how very tall                                           5 syllables
He loves to wear fancy dress                7 syllables
And act Mister Twit                                   5 syllables
 Total                                                                             17 syllables


And here is one I wrote about Midsummer’s Day. See if you can clap out the syllables.


Early morning sun
Blackbird’s song awakens me
At only 4 o’clock


Now you try.  Think about all the things that summer brings us and make it about some of those.


Rest of the week

For the rest of the week your task is to write up the Geography research on Japan either as a Power Point presentation or as an information leaflet / report

Whichever format you chose, you will need to include these things.

  • A title  e.g. 'The Geography of Japan'
  • A paragraph of introduction  that tells you very basic facts  about your subject without any details*
  • A paragraph about each topic you write with more detail
  • A closing paragraph that sums up what  you have told the reader
  • words that are special to Geography. You could even include a glossary at the end.
  • Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation

*An example of a paragraph of introduction might be  'Japan is a country in Asia made up of many islands. It is in the ??? Ocean and has a population of ???  Generally the Japanese diet is very healthy and  many people there live to be very old. There are many old and interesting traditions in Japan but it also a very modern country.'

** An example of a closing paragraph might be 'As you can now see, Japan is a fascinating country with many different landscapes and a climate different from the UK. I hope you have learned from this and will be tempted to visit Japan and find out more.

Remember to send us what you have done. We look forward to learning from you.