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English is short this week but it needs to be done and sent to us by the end of Tuesday so we can put all your work together on Weednesday to use with you on Thursday.

We are going to do a quiz with you on Thursday about things that have happened  during Year 3 but the questions are going to be supplied by YOU!

Please think of 3 questions about this year.They could be about things we have learned or things that have happened.   You can put them into an email or in a word document or write them out and photograph the writing on a phone and send us the picture.  It's up to you.

Remember, a question starts with a capital letter and ends with a question mark.  Its first word is usually a question word - who, what, when, where, why, how or a verb like 'can' or 'should' etc

E.g.   Who ate all of my chocolate?     

            Can Mr Floyd really fly?

            Should Mrs Murphy really do that?

We will put your questions together to make a quiz.

See you on Thursday.