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Ethos and Values

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How does ‘Seeking Joy in Service’ fit with aiming to be a Leader of Tomorrow’?

Here at St. Michael’s we think they fit perfectly together.

 Whether those leaders of the future be politicians be or judges shaping the laws of the land; Scout or Guide leaders shaping the hearts of a generation; good parents shaping the people of tomorrow’s tomorrow or employers shaping the economy of tomorrow, to be a force for good, those leaders will need confidence and charisma tempered with humility, integrity, love and the understanding that they are serving the wider community.

Poise, Charisma and Confidence

As a school, we believe that

  • dance and drama develop poise and confidence
  • learning to play musical instruments develops self-discipline and concentration
  • taking part in sports activities encourages resilience, body confidence and healthy lifestyle choices

It is for these reasons that, alongside striving for the highest possible academic standards, we place a lot of emphasis on performing arts and sports.

Humility and a Caring Heart

 All Juniors are allocated an infant child as a Buddy.  Older Buddies look after their little ones by being a friendly face in the playground, tying shoe laces, guiding them as to how to resolve arguments, helping them through times of change, for example, moving from EYFS to the Infants or from Infants to Juniors. At times they will complete projects together or read with or to each other.



 Although St. Michael’s is a Christian school, this does not mean that all the children and staff are of the Christian faith. What it does mean, is that relationships within the school are conducted in line with the gospel values of love, forgiveness, tolerance and recognition that each and every person is a unique and valued child of God. From this flows a natural and mutual respect between adults and children and children with each other.

Please click on the tabs to the left for St Michael's School Values and British Values.