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Friday 15th

Hello everyone!

Wow, we have got though another week.  We all deserve a pat on the back.

Have a lovely weekend.  We will see you all next week.

  • Elizabeth 1 month ago
    Hello to all my teachers and school friends have a lovely day
  • Ollie Yarwood 1 month ago
    Happy Friday! Have a lovely day. Ollie
  • Nicki 1 month ago
    Hello everyone, happy Friday!
  • isaac 1 month ago
    good morning
  • Noah John 1 month ago
    Good Morning, Happy Friday everybody!!
  • Leah 1 month ago
    Good Morning everyone . Have a lovely weekend.
  • gabriel emery 1 month ago
    good morning everyone have a fabulous day
  • Murray Lees 1 month ago
    I've liked my week and have a nice weekend!!
  • Alicia Donovan 1 month ago
    Hello Mrs Murphy and everyone
  • Ethan Cody 1 month ago
    Hello year 3😀😀😀😀
  • Caleb 1 month ago
    HAVE A GOOD DAY AND A NICE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Megan Richmond 1 month ago
    good morning
  • Michael 1 month ago
    good morning
  • Jason Christian 1 month ago
    Good Morning Mrs Murphy. I did all of my subjects.
  • Lucy 1 month ago
    Good morning
  • Holly Irving 1 month ago
    Hello everyone : )
  • Jacob M 1 month ago
    Have a nice weekend everyone!
  • Rosie 1 month ago
    Morning everyone!
  • Zaria 1 month ago
  • Caleb.G 1 month ago
    ASSEMMBLEY's finished i'm starting work morning Mrs Murphy Mr Floyd and Mrs Hilllier
  • Lana Sykes 1 month ago
  • Elizabeth 1 month ago
    Have a lovely day and weekend
  • Areti 1 month ago
    Hi everybody! Have a nice day!
  • Savva 1 month ago
    Morning everyone, happy Friday!

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