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This week, we would like you to investigate the Geography of Japan.

Your work for English from Tuesday onwards will be to write up what you find out. 

Please look at the English page to help you to set it out correctly.

Earlier this year, one of our Computing topics was Power Point so we would like to see your work as a Power Point presentation if possible.  If you do not have access to Power Point, you can do a leaflet instead.  Remember we are looking at the GEOGRAPHY of Japan, so please concentrate on that.

Here is a Must, Should, Could list of things to include.

Remember MUST is what you really need to include.   SHOULD is what we would really like to see and COULD is what you could put in if you are trying to impress us!


  Where in the world is Japan?

  What is the population of Japan?

  What is the capital of Japan?

  What other cities are there in Japan?

  What money do the Japanese use?

  Mount Fuji


  Japan’s earthquakes, mountains and volcanoes.

  What do Japanese people eat?

  What is the climate of Japan like?

  What is the landscape of Japan like? (flat? mountainous? etc)

  Why don’t the Japanese grow many crops?

  What do tourists do in Japan?


  Why would we use the word archipelago about Japan?

  What is the Pacific Ring of Fire?

  What are Japanese schools like?

  Japanese language

  Other interesting facts about the Geography of Japan.

Here are some websites to help you in your research.

And here are 2 pictures for you to colour in if you wish. They are by a famous Japanese artist called Hokusai. One is called  'Great wave off Kanagawa' .  It is a picture of a tsunami. How many boats can you spot?  The other picture is called 'Red Fuji' and is a picture of the famous Japanese volcano, Mount Fuji. You could search for the pictures on line to compare the originals to your choice of colours.