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St. Michael's School Governing Body

St. Michael's School Governing Body is made up of 12 people. They represent the local authority, the Church, parents and staff. Their role is to be a critical friend to the school, to support and challenge, where appropriate. Each Governor sits on the main governing body but also is involved in a sub-committee, according to their interests/strengths. We have 3 sub-committees: curriculum, staffing and buildings/finance.

Governors may also be involved in other roles, like Admissions, Health and Safety, Inclusion and Safeguarding.

St. Michael's Governing Body were very forward-thinking with the introduction of class governors. The role enables the governor to become part of the class and to follow the class through the school. It is the decision of the teacher as to how they use the governor's time. The children benefit from another adult being in the classroom and the governor gains a valuable insight into school life. The governors agree that it brings more meaning and relevance to their decision-making in meetings. The scheme is therefore mutually beneficial.