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Helpful Resources

On this page will we be adding useful resources and websites than will assist you in your learning.  You may recognise many  of these resources from when we used them in school. A lot of these will be useful for helping you to achieve your targets.

If there are any more resources you remember using at school and would like, let us know and we will try to add them.

REMEMBER: There are also loads of helpful resources at the back of your planner.

We hope they help.


How to research.

The video below will remind you how to research using the internet or a book.  Remember when you are given a topic to research we are looking for your ideas and understanding so put everything into your words.  We can tell when someone has copied from a website and it doesn't show us what they have learnt.

Just to make sure you are watching carefully, Miss Griffin makes two typos/mistakes in the video.  Can you spot them both?

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Bar Modelling & Word Problems:

Problem Solving & Reasoning:

For more activites on a certain subject visit the Nrich website. Use the search bar to find what you want.  All activities will have a an age range as a guide and 1,2, or 3 stars to indicate the challenge level.




Fronted Adverbials (Sentence Starters):


Expanded Noun Phrases:

Coordinating Conjunctions:

Subordinating Conjunctions:



Inverted Commas:

Apostrophes for Contraction:

Possesive Apostrophes:


Help for Parents

This website is great for explaining all the terminonlogy and methods you  and I never learnt at school! So if your unsure what a conjunction is or thought prepositions were simply for describing position the this website is the place for you.



Click on the links to download some of the resources we use in class.